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8mm/Super 8mm Movie Film Transfers

Setup & Prep*$79.95
Reg 8 & Super 8 Transfer$.20/ft
Additional DVD on Primary Transfer**$20.00
Duplicate DVD***$20.00
Editing $80.00 per hour
Splicing fee: Film Break$5.00
Splicing Fee: Each 50-ft reel****$2.50
Includes DVD Master

Video Duplication/Transfer

VHS, SVHS, Betacam, Digital8, Hi-8, 8mm, MINI-DV, DVD
Single media under 1 hr$29.95
Single media under 2 hrs$39.95
Standard duplication/transfer is based on supplied tape length. Tape is entirely duplicated/ transferred. DVD are to 6hrs onto one DVD
**Slightly more than 1.5 hours of home movies fit on a standard DVD disc. Each additional DVD used in the inital order incurs a $20/DVD fee.
***Duplicate copies are charged at the rate of $20/DVD required.
****Splicing fees apply to orders that contain more than 50-ft reels. Customer supplied 200 and 400 foot reels are preferred.

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Video Services-Digital Slide Shows

Digital Slide Shows
includes up to 100 Digital images compiled to Music of choice. Includes 2 Title Slides all renderd to DVD. Photo editing and scanning is extra.
200.00 and up.
Prints From Video$50.00*
Video Editing$150.00/hr
DVD Authoring$75.00/hr
Music Feature per song$5.00
*Prints from video are for capture and convertion for $50.00 plus a per print charge of 4.95.

Music can be provided by customer on CD or for a music fee of $5.00 per song or $25.00 per album by photosource.

Custom projects are quoted on a per job basis.

Note on DVDs - DVDs may not play on all DVD players,To ensure proper playback, refer to your player manual and look for DVD-R playback support. Most DVD players two years old or less should play DVD-Rs.

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